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W3C Access

1 Jan 2016

EAIC website provide access to people with disabilities (PWDs).

A) Visually Impaired;

Get your IE Page Reader here.

  1. Before you can use this component, you must download the MS Speech API. If you use Window2000, chances are you already have a system with these components.
  2. You also need to download at least one Speech Engine. Speech Engine is the voice of a man or woman, who will speak in English or other languages.

For further instructions for using this components, please click here.

B) Color Blind;

For color blind users, there are several color options available at the top of every page of EAIC website. Users can select a color from the color selection which is Normal, Red, Blue and Green .

EAIC website color templates will be changed immediately after the choice is made.

C) Seniors;

For senior citizens, the EAIC website provides a choice of different text sizes.

Font selection is displayed at the top of every page of the EAIC website. Users can choose whether to select the text size larger or smaller, as appropriate.