Your Privacy
This page describes the privacy policy that covers the use and protection of information provided by visitors. If you have performed a transaction or sent an email containing personal information, the information may be shared with other public agencies to help provide more efficient and effective services. For example, in resolving complaints that require feedback from other agencies.

Collected Information
No personal information will be collected while you browse this website except information submitted by you via email.

What happens if I am linked to another website?
This website contains links to other websites. This privacy policy applies only to this website. It should be noted that the linked websites may have different privacy policies and visitors are advised to review and understand the privacy policy of each website visited.

Policy Amendment
If this privacy policy is amended, the amendment will be updated on this page. By visiting this page regularly, you will be updated with the latest amendment to the policy regarding the collected information, how it is used and how it is shared with other parties under certain circumstances.

Data Protection
The latest technologies, including data encryption, are used to protect the provided data and adherence to strict security standards is applied to prevent unauthorised access.

Storage Security
All electronic storage and transmission of personal data are protected with appropriate security technologies.

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