According to subsection 1(3) of the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission Act 2009 [Act 700], this Act is applicable to complaints submitted or referred to EAIC regarding MISCONDUCT THAT OCCURRED ON OR AFTER THE COMMENCEMENT DATE OF THIS ACT, THAT IS, 1 APRIL 2011.

According to subsection 1(4) of Act 700, this Act shall apply to the 21 enforcement agencies as set out in the Schedule of Act 700.

The jurisdiction of EAIC in carrying out its functions is as stipulated in Act 700, which among others, includes the following:

No. Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission Act 2009 [Act 700]
(a) receiving and investigating any complaints of misconduct from the public [section 22 of Act 700];
(b) referring any complaints of a disciplinary nature to the relevant Disciplinary Authority or of a criminal nature to the Public Prosecutor [section 22 of Act 700];
(c) conducting preliminary investigations to determine the classification of the received complaints of misconduct [section 25 of Act 700];
(d) carrying out full investigations on valid complaints of misconduct to verify the existence of such misconduct [sections 31 and 32 of Act 700];
(e) establishing Task Forces for the purpose of investigating and assisting the Commission in carrying out its other functions [section 17 of Act 700];
(f) commencing investigations on its own initiative for any misconduct by enforcement officers or enforcement agencies that is of significant importance to the public or in the public interest [section 28 of Act 700];
(g) holding open or closed public hearings to the public for issues deemed necessary or expedient by the Commission [sections 34 and 35 of Act 700]; and
(h) taking action against any party that refuses to cooperate with the investigation conducted by the Commission [sections 31, 32 and 33 of Act 700].

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