KUALA PILAH: The Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) organised the ERAT (Encouraging, Responsibility, Accountability, Trustworthiness) Motorcycle Convoy programme to get close to the community and cultivate values ​​of integrity and accountability in enforcement.

Its operations director Mohd Asnawi Abu Hanipah said the aim of the programme was also to strengthen the cooperation involving the commission, regulatory enforcement agencies and the public.

He said the motorcycle convoy programme was held for the first time and involved the participation of 90 motorcycle riders from various agencies, including the EAIC, Ministry of Health, National Anti-Drugs Agency and Department of Environment.

“I am confident that with the involvement of young motorcycle enthusiasts, it can provide awareness regarding the EAIC and its functions as well as to some extent help in integrity awareness exposure,” he said.

“Additionally, it is to promote the values ​​of responsibility, accountability and trust among all parties in line with the efforts to combat misconduct among law enforcement officers as well as to cultivate integrity in the public service.”

Mohd Asnawi said after attending the closing ceremony of the ERAT Motorcycle Convoy programme yesterday.

The programme, covering a distance of 90km, kicked off at Menara Usahawan, Putrajaya at 9am and ended at Istana Lama Seri Menanti (Royal Museum), Kuala Pilah, in Negri Sembilan two hours later.

He said a series of friendly meetings between the EAIC and community began last year with Kelantan and Perak being the first two destinations.

“The EAIC provides the community with information and education on the commission via briefing sessions, dialogues on sharing issues of misconduct that occur in local areas and also has a question-and-answer session as well as shows the public how it can help the commission in channelling complaints,

“This approach is undertaken to enlighten the public on the EAIC’s role and what are the public’s rights when faced with misconduct by the authorities,” he said.

He also said the programme is a reminder to all layers of society about avoiding wrongdoings and invites the community to stamp out integrity misconduct in the public service by lodging complaints to the EAIC.

Mohd Asnawi said for this year, the EAIC is focused on raising integrity among civil servants, especially in enforcement agencies such as the Immigration Department, Customs Department and General Operations Force.

“We collected all the information to identify any problems in each enforcement agency when enforcing laws involving borders and providing services to help overcome related issues,” he added. — Bernama

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