Teen Cops beat me poured toilet water into my nostrils

PETALING JAYA: A teenager has urged Bukit Aman to set up an independent task force to probe the abuse he allegedly suffered at the hands of the police while being detained at the Kuala Selangor police lockup earlier this month.

K Jaayendiran, 18, said he and his father had been detained on Nov 7 in connection with a robbery case and were remanded for eight days.

He said during his detention, two plainclothes police officers beat him with a rubber hose for more than an hour when he refused to confess.

Jaayendiran claimed that one officer kicked him while another allegedly poured water taken from the toilet bowl into his nostrils when he complained of thirst, Malaysiakini reported.

The teenager claimed that the police officers were laughing and one of them had allegedly said: “Nak minum, minum. You nak air kan?” (You want to drink, drink. Didn’t you want water?).

Accompanied by lawyer G Sivamalar and his family, Jaayendiran lodged a police report today and urged Bukit Aman to investigate the alleged abuse.

Jaayendiran, who claimed to be at home with his sister when the robbery was said to have taken place, said he was forced to confess to the crime after the cops allegedly threatened to beat up his father.

“I thought I would die in the lockup that day. I had no choice but to confess to save my father and myself. My father and I did nothing wrong. We were mistreated,” Malaysiakini quoted him as saying in his police report.

Kuala Selangor deputy police chief Mohd Asri Abdul Wahab, however, told Malaysiakini that there was no proof that Jaayendiran had been abused by the police.

“However, the police will investigate the matter thoroughly to determine whether the incident did occur,” he said.

Jaayendiran and his father were released on Nov 15. However, it is unclear if they were released on bail or if the police no longer considered them as suspects

source :  FMT .

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