MACC chief commissioner Tan Sri Dzulkifli Ahmad said the budget allocation for the new department can be better utilised by improving existing agencies and the welfare of its staff.

“What needs to be done is to improve and strengthen the laws, human resources and welfare of existing agencies.

“The Government should oversee the welfare of law enforcers.

“Go and see the conditions of police barracks. They are poorly maintained,” he said.

Dzulkifli urged the Government to reexamine the salaries and housing schemes of law enforcers.

“If we want to decrease corruption and abuse of power in enforcement agencies, the problem will not be solved if law enforcers do not have their welfare taken care of.

“I will defend them (law enforcers) when needed, and take action against them (if they do wrong).

“But we also need to see the state of their welfare,” he told reporters at the corruption-free pledge signing ceremony here Tuesday. 

“We already have agencies such as MACC, Integrity Institute of Malaysia and Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission. We also have the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia to oversee matters concerning human rights.

“Forming a new department will be costly and require hiring new staff. Their scope of duties will be similar to other law enforcers,” he added.

Bernama reported that Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Paul Low said the Cabinet had given the green light for the setting up JITN to serve as a coordinating body to lead transformational changes in the public and private sectors.

He said the department will be focusing on good governance, integrity and human rights.

source :  Star Online

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